Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What does this characters name mean? Part 1

So recently my cousins and I were trying to search for the meaning of a certain name and we stumbled across this awesome site. When we couldn't stop searching for name meanings of people we knew, we decided to look at the names of some fictional characters from various works. I'll start out with something we should all be very familiar with:

"The Harry Potter series"
*Harry comes from the name "Harold", which is a male Scandinavian name which means "Army Ruler". And who was it again who led the fight against Voldemort again?
*Ron's full name is "Ronald" which is an English name for males which stands for "Advisor to the King". Ron is Harry's best friend, even if some of his advice is iffy.
*Hermione is a Greek name for females that means "Earthy". Not too much significance in her name, but it sounds like a name a really smart person would have.
*Draco is a Italian males name that mean "Dragon". Umm, yeah.
*Lily means "Blossoming Flower" in Latin and it's a girls name. There are a lot of flower based names in this series, Lily, Petunia, Pansy, and probably a couple more.
*James is supposedly a unisex name derived from Hebrew. It means "Supplanter".
*Sirius was a Greek name for males that meant "Sparkling and scorching". Sirius is also the name of a star that was heavily associated with dogs in Ancient times.

I could go on and on looking at all the names in "The Harry Potter series" because J.K. Rowling put so much thought into her characters names. If you want me to look up a particular name from "Harry Potter", just leave me a comment and I'll check it out for you.

Also, I'm going to write some more installments on name origins as evidenced by the "Part 1" thing-a-ma-jig placed in the title. I'm thinking about doing an article on "Twilight", "The Hunger Games series", "The Dark Divine series", and "Pride and Prejudice". If you have any suggestions for any other books or series, comment and tell me the name and what work it is from. I'd love to hear from you and help you out.


P.S. I am working on "The Key to writing part 2 and 3" as dedicatedly as possible in the midst of getting ready for college. I'll still update this blog, but when I have free time to write extra non-school related things. ;)

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