Friday, April 15, 2011

JK Website Entrance and...Twitter?


So, we've decided that we have our hands full already with this blog and our twitter account that we can't invest the time it would take to make the website great and not just a rehash of what we already we've deleted it. (Sorry if that dashes any of your hopes)

But hey! We have created a twitter channel today!If you want to follow us search for "TheCliffhangers". I'm pretty excited about it.

See you around,


Tuesday, April 12, 2011's been awhile


So we're just in the middle of planning an action/fight scene heavy Cliff Hanger meeting, (which is going to be awesome by the way) we're trying to have it before Lindsey heads up back to the uninhabited land up north called Idaho for college. While we've been sorting this out I thought that maybe we should do a check up of where we were at on our old list of activity ideas. Here it is! Bolded ones are completed (or missed).

1. Behind the names
2. April Fools Day exchange We kind of forgot about this one...April fools?
3. Character exchange
4. Ski and write a-thon I guess that the skiing season is over, maybe we can change it to another Spring/Summer/Fall activity.
5. Write or die
6. Story playlists
7. Story prompt a day Lindsey and I did this when we were hanging out (it was a smaller meeting).
8. Board game stories
9. Ipod stories Completed! I'm working on polishing up mine so I can sell it to a magazine as a short story. :)
10. Box Stories
11. Edit Twilight
12. Movie review

We've done right by some and wrong by others as you can tell. We've done pretty good for starving freshmen/aspiring writers though in my humble opinion. One thing at a time!