Monday, October 25, 2010

The Key to writing (Entry 2 of 3)

This took a long time (much longer than I thought) but after many false starts,I have found out what the second key of writing was; rewriting. I know that I'd already stated this in entry 1 but honestly, I was having a huge problem differentiating rewriting and editing, and figuring out if one came before the other in the writing process. But I finally found a reaffirmation of what I'd already thought, heh heh.

What makes rewriting and editing different? Because they are two closely entwined steps in the writing process! You may disagree with me about which one comes first, (that's what the comment bar is for at the bottom of the article, to give me feedback...Please!) but I think that this might just be up to personal preference! Rewriting is looking at the entire paper and to see if it "flows". Editing entails looking much more closely at every sentence and fixing it up with the precision of a Surgeon.

How do you go about determining the vitality of the flow of your paper? I think that the goal is for every thought to seem connected, logical, and coherent. If you need to rearrange paragraphs and sentences or delete whole passages from your paper to do that, go right ahead like a Lumberjack wielding dual chainsaws trying to down a pine tree! Do whatever you need to do to create the exact flow you want. It's okay to leave the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in for now, you'll be taking care of them soon enough. You just have to make sure that the ideas and emotions that you're trying to convey through this "diamond in the rough" will shine after being cut and polished.

I guess you could say that I lumped rewriting and revision into the same "key", but I consider them to pretty much to be the same thing anyways...The end result makes the paper better in the end doesn't it? Who cares about those darned technicalities? Sorry again for taking so long for putting this out, (or even just plain updating the blog...) but I needed time to think this one over. After all, I should be learning too!