Friday, August 6, 2010

The key to writing (Entry 1 of 3)

Here after much ado, The first key of writing according to Katie:

The first great secret to writing is funnily enough, writing. Probably because of the simplicity of this truth however, most people will just disregard it...and get nothing done.

When writing it's important to remember that your rough draft is only that; a rough draft. By all means, write for quantity and follow your mind through every tangent it thinks up. This is true creativity. A great rule to remember about writing: less is less; and more is more. Always. This is true because when you find yourself in the editing stage you'll discover that editing a blank piece of paper is practically an impossible task when compared to patching up a not-quite-perfect literary composition.


P.S. The next two entries will deal with rewriting and editing, so stay tuned!

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