Monday, August 2, 2010

Our mission should we choose to accept it...

Well, since Danny was unable to attend our last meeting because he was sick we decided to make it short but but stimulating. So we (Lindsey, Jori, and me) decided to start off by talking about what inspires us and what kind of stories we like to create, (More on that in a future article...ha ha) what books we've read and how we liked them, and then we started our first GROUP CHALLENGE.

It's not that hard of a challenge except it might be hard to find the time to actually type it... Here it is: 200 to 500 words of original content of any genre and point of view the team member chooses. It *IS* our first one though so, hopefully we'll all have something nice and semi polished before the next time we meet up. (Oh, and don't worry; we filled Danny in so he won't fall behind;))


P.S. "The key to writing" will be up on this site soon, so don't think that I forgot ha ha! It's shaping up nicely. Until next time then!

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