Friday, January 21, 2011

The USU Creative Writing Club


So recently I finally found out where and when USU's elusive Creative Writing Club took place. Yesterday, I attended for my second time and I brought Lindsey with me who had never gone before. The members are doing some cool things!

They start out with a prompt where everyone free-writes for about ten minutes to get the mind going. Then after that is either a lesson and a critique or a full time critique. (They switch off every week.) The atmosphere there is very friendly but professional. I've met some cool people that are a lot of fun but we get a lot of work done as well. (Sometimes there's even treats!)

I had a lot of fun and I encourage my fellow Cliff Hangers and friends to come to one of the meetings sometime in the future. They take place on Thursdays at 7 pm in the Business Building in room 116.

Oh, and before I go here's the address to their site: "
". (Sorry, I wasn't able to link it for some you'll just have to copy and paste! Heh, heh...)They have all sorts of cool prompts, lessons and other information on there. Check it out!

See you later!


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